Stereo in this blog

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First, how I shoot:

All stereo images in this blog are side-by-side stereo pairs for cross viewing by naked eyes.

All images are clickable – click any image to view it’s original size in browser.

All posts with stereo images in this blog you can find in corresponding category: stereo (and there are much more stereo posts with Russian only comments).

Viewing stereo-pairs in this blog

If you have special 3D display to view stereo images: drag images you want from the browser window to your computer and view them using special software. For example: XstereO Player in Mac OS X or sview in Windows.

You are lucky twice – if you are a Mac-user! All posts with stereo images contains big Play Slideshow using XstereO Player button. Click it to launch viewing stereo pairs from the current page using XstereO Player! (You can download it via link on the right)

play stereo slideshow screenshot, XstereO Player
play stereo slideshow screenshot, XstereO Player

Also all posts with stereo images contains big Play Stereo Slideshow button which starts my original javascript that plays slideshow with adjustable options for stereo. Wait until page fully loaded and Press it!

play stereo slideshow screenshot, HTML5 stereo player

In Slideshow mode:
– click in center to show or hide Options
– press Left or Right keys or click on the left or right parts in browser window to view next or previous images
– press Ecs key to exit Slideshow mode

html5 stereo player usage screenshot

  • Hi Unix,

    I’m a PhD student in New Zealand. My research is about reconstructing 3D scene from real-life images.
    I saw you have many great side-by-side images published on this website.
    May I get your permission to use some of the images in my research?

    Kind regards

    Minh Nguyen

    • urix

      Yes, you may use them.

      Please notice that real life images taken with different cameras and lenses may have different distortions. And that distortions may vary across different parts of each image