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Super Mario Run – my progress

January 24th, 2017 No comments
Super Mario Run, iOS, map, progress
My progress. Actually Super Mario Run is excellent game. I understand why it has 1.5 star rating, but in reality I'm sure the game itself is 5 star because of quality, perfect gameplay balance, addictive! 2017.01.22 #
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Massandra palace in Crimea, french tissue stylized stereocard

January 15th, 2017 No comments
If you are a Mac user: you should use XstereO Player to view this images.
It is the most convenient way to view 3D pictures from the web pages ever made! Links you will find below (xstereo:*).

Parallel-view stereo pairs. Animated gif and sources.

Massandra, Massandra palace, Alexander 3 palace, Yalta, Crimea, Russia, 3D, stereo pair, parallel-eyed, parallel view, stereoscopic, 2016, winter, snow, animation
Massandra palace, french tissue stylized stereocard, Yalta, Crimea, Russia, 2016.12.26 #
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