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Villa Regina excavations foundation pit panorama, Italy

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2019.04.27. Italy, one stop on suburban train to the north from Pompei plus 500 meters by foot. Excavation panorama and reproduction of one of the frescoes from the museum. Shot on iPhone X in DNG.

museum, excavations, villa Regina, foundation pit, Boscoreale, Italy, panorama
Panorama of the pit with Villa Regina. It was not allowed to get down there on our visit, but you can walk around. On the right on this panorama is a part of the Museum of Archeology. Boscoreale, Italy, 2019.04.27 #

museum, frescoes, Boscoreale, Italy, panorama
Reproduction of frescoes from the Museum (originals are at the Metropolitan Museum). Boscoreale, Italy, 2019.04.27 #

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