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New Year Feodosia, Crimea, Russia

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This time we’ve been here for only a few hours in the evening, so I have only 3 evening pictures.

night, moon, embankment, Feodosia, long exposure, soviet, architecture, railway, Crimea, Russia, winter, january, panorama, 2015
Some soviet building at the Feodosia embankment. Black sea in the background. Crimea, Russia, 2015.01.03 #

night, moon, square, railway station, building, new year tree, Christmas, Feodosia, long exposure, architecture, Crimea, Russia, winter, january, 2015
New Years Tree in front of the railway station building, Feodosia, Crimea, Russia, 2015.01.06 2015.01.03 #
night, beach, sand, Black sea, moon, reflection, Feodosia, Crimea, Russia, winter, january, panorama, 2015
Feodosia beach, Crimea, Russia, 2015.01.03 #

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